Galvanising Geelong

When it comes to galvanising services in Geelong, the qualified team at Breakwater Metaland are the professionals to call. Hot dipped steel galvanising is the process of coating steel with a chemical layer of protective zinc, in order to prevent corrosion and rusting as a result of atmospheric exposure.

We provide this service to a wide variety of customers in Geelong looking to protect their steel assets and pride ourselves on our high-quality results. The process of hot dipped galvanising is relatively straightforward, yet involves the expertise of a trained professional.

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When you choose Breakwater Metaland for galvanising services, we first clean the material thoroughly, removing unwanted oils and debris. Then, we dip the steel into a bath of molten zinc chemical, and allow the steel to reach the temperature of 450°C to 465°C. After the steel has been galvanised, we then withdraw the work at a controlled rate and cool the steel, allowing the protective coating to set.

The resulting galvanised coating is tough and durable, comprising relatively of pure zinc and zinc iron alloy layers bonded metallurgically to the underlying steel, completely covering the article and providing unmatched resistance to abrasion.

Our galvanising service runs twice a week – Wednesdays and Fridays subject to demand, so please contact our sales team if you are wanting to use this service. The sizes of the two zinc baths of the galvanising service we use are as follows.

Bath one


  • 9.5 m Long
  • 1.8 m Wide
  • 2.6 m Deep

Bath two


  • 13.7 m Long
  • 1.8 m Wide
  • 2.95m Deep

We can conduct this galvanising service for a variety of steel products, to learn more please get in contact with us today. We can discuss this service in more depth with you and understand how best to satisfy your needs. If you are interested in our other services, we also provide efficient pipe bending services to Geelong customers.