Oxy Cutting Geelong

Breakwater Metaland provide oxy cutting services in Geelong for all heavy metal plates 8mm and thicker, and for cutting holes and odd shapes 6mm or thicker. Oxy cutting as a method of welding, uses oxygen and a variety of fuel gases to effectively cut through metal materials, as opposed to air. Our trained staff cut metal using the oxy cutting technique in order to produce high quality results.

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Oxy cutting works by using a clean flame to melt the metal at high temperatures, typically between 1,980°C and 3,500°C. When the torch is put to the material, a pool of motel metal is produced, which works to weld the metals into their desired position. Oxy cutting is used for steel fabrication for products across a wide range of industries and sectors.

To learn more about Breakwater Metaland’s professional oxy cutting and welding services in Geelong, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team on 03 5248 6384 today. Breakwater Metaland also specialise in qualified guillotining services available for Geelong clients.