Pipe Bending Geelong

At Breakwater Metaland, we provide professional pipe bending for Geelong customers, which is the process of bending material to form steel pipes or tubes, using heat. Our qualified staff are experienced in conducting this service and can help contribute to your commercial, residential or industrial project by creating durable and high-quality pipes.

Metal pipe bending and fabrication in Geelong

We are able to bend the following pipe sizes: 19mm OD, 20nb, 25nb, 32nb, 40nb, as well as the following SHS sizes:20 x 20, 25×25, 30×30, 40×40, 50×50. Our bender is a production bender highly suited to repetition bending work, hence minimum charges do apply.

To learn more about our pipe bending services in Geelong, please get in contact with the Breakwater Metaland team today on 03 5248 6384. We can also assist you with hot dipped metal galvanising in Geelong.