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Breakwater Metaland is Geelong’s one stop shop for premium metal products and qualified custom fabrication services. Family owned and operated, our team have the vast experience and expertise to provide a wide variety of professional and efficient metal services, ranging from guillotining, press breaking and galvanising to welding, cold sawing and oxy cutting.

We are able to cut to size for various metal products and pride ourselves on assisting clients with projects across the commercial, residential and industrial sectors of Geelong and surrounding areas. To learn more about our efficient services and range of high quality products, including stainless steel, aluminum and brass & copper, get in touch with our team today and receive a quote you will struggle to beat elsewhere.

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Band Sawing

Band Sawing is the process of using a powerful blade of continuous band of metal to cut through particular materials. This method of sawing is powered by an electric motor and is advantageous for a number of different reasons, including creating a clean uniform cut due to its even tooth...

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Cold Sawing

Breakwater Metaland provides qualified and efficient cold sawing to Geelong customers across a wide variety of industries ranging from manufacturing to mining. A cold saw is a machine that cuts through metal and other materials with a circular saw blade. Not only does cold sawing produce clean products, but leaves...

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Breakwater Metaland specialises in steel fabrication services for clients across the Geelong region. Our team are highly qualified and trained in producing a wide range of fabricated products for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. What makes Breakwater Metaland different from competitors is our personal and customer centric approach. We...

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When it comes to galvanising services in Geelong, the qualified team at Breakwater Metaland are the professionals to call. Hot dipped steel galvanising is the process of coating steel with a chemical layer of protective zinc, in order to prevent corrosion and rusting as a result of atmospheric exposure. We...

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If you are looking for high quality guillotining services in Geelong, then you have come to the right place. Guillotining, also known as shearing, is an efficient service that uses a machine with a heavy sharp blade to cut sheet and plate metal. Breakwater Metaland provide qualified guillotining services that...

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Oxy Cutting

Breakwater Metaland provide oxy cutting services in Geelong for all heavy metal plates 8mm and thicker, and for cutting holes and odd shapes 6mm or thicker. Oxy cutting as a method of welding, uses oxygen and a variety of fuel gases to effectively cut through metal materials, as opposed to...

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Metal pipe bending and fabrication in Geelong
Pipe Bending

At Breakwater Metaland, we provide professional pipe bending for Geelong customers, which is the process of bending material to form steel pipes or tubes, using heat. Our qualified staff are experienced in conducting this service and can help contribute to your commercial, residential or industrial project by creating durable and...

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Press Breaking

If you are searching for high quality press breaking services in Geelong, the Breakwater Metaland team has got you covered. We provide cost-effective and highly efficient press breaking services that bend and form sheet and plate materials to produce particular items. Our qualified and experienced team can conduct press breaking...

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The Breakwater Metaland team provide clients in Geelong with professional metal rolling services, to form their sheet metal materials into their desired form. Our qualified team are able to fabricate a wide variety of different shapes, and can work with you to develop a final product that fulfils your unique...

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The team at Breakwater Metaland are Geelong’s leading welding specialists, providing local clients with highly qualified welding services across the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We have the skills to fabricate materials into the items that fit your unique specifications of your design brief and exceed your expectations in terms...

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