Press Breaking Geelong

If you are searching for high quality press breaking services in Geelong, the Breakwater Metaland team has got you covered. We provide cost-effective and highly efficient press breaking services that bend and form sheet and plate materials to produce particular items.

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Our qualified and experienced team can conduct press breaking for stainless steel, galvanised sheet, zincseal, cold rolled, corten, hot rolled, black floorplate, aluminum, brass and copper. We have an incredible attention to detail and are precise when it comes to fulfilling client specifications.

We can provide press break services to the following dimensions: 0.6mm-5mm sheet up to 3050mm long, 6mm plate up to 2400mm long, 8mm plate up to 2000mm long, 10mm plate up to 1800mm long.

To learn more about press breaking services please get in contact with us on 03 5248 6384 and talk to one of our experienced staff members. Breakwater Metaland also specialise in custom steel fabrication services for Geelong based customers.